Better Blogging Episode 2: How to Install and Use Google Analytics with WordPress

by Jerod Morris on September 30, 2010

video - how to install google analytics on a wordpress blog - map overlay report

In this week’s episode of Better Blogging I turn my attention to traffic, and specifically how to track it using Google Analytics.

After providing a brief overview, I show you a screencast that covers the following: how to install Google Analytics on a WordPress blog; how to view different date ranges of data; how to use the Dashboard and Content reports; and, a quick summary of the Map Overlay function.


While bloggers vary in terms of how important traffic numbers are for their overall goals, I cannot fathom a circumstance in which you would not want to have accurate traffic data collection. Even if you aren’t focused on driving numbers to increase CPM-based revenue, knowing where visitors are coming from and how they are getting to your blog can do nothing but improve your ability to relate to your reader base.

Use the tips for installing Google Analytics on a WordPress blog and how to execute and interpret some of the reports made available, to make your blog better.

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