Collin SBDC: 10 Internet Marketing Secrets

by Derick Schaefer on December 10, 2009

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Each of the authors at How-To-Blog.TV volunteers at the Collin SBDC based in Plano, TX.  As a part of our volunteer efforts, we give presentations to small business owners.  To close out 2009 and give our local business owners something to think about for jumpstarting their 2010 marketing plans, I created a presentation called 10 Internet Marketing Secrets and delivered it to about 100 people at the Collin College Courtyard Campus on December 10, 2009.  The first question you might be asking is “why is presentation on How-To-Blog.TV?  After all, it isn’t titled ’10 Blogging Secrets’?”  That is a great question and I am going to answer it with a business mindset.

How-To-Blog.TV doesn’t launch until January 15, 2010.  Still, you can’t launch a blog without content, subscribers, and some general feedback.  Since October we have been slowly writing, filming, and courting guest authors.  We’ve also started the word of mouth marketing process.  If you watch the recording, you’ll quickly see that part of my business goals in giving this volunteer presentation are to build awareness for How-To-Blog.TV.  I tell my audience this as I want them to see how a business mindset works in Internet marketing.  Still, there are a few rules that most be followed.

In order to get something online you have to give something.  My contribution is a 90 minute presentation goaled at helping small business owners approach Internet marketing and social media in a controlled and cost effective way.  In doing so, I attempted to build some rapport with them and ask for their acceptance of me taking 5 minutes of their time to promote How-To-Blog.TV.  The other give that I am making is providing a professionally edited screencast of the presentation, a downloadable PDF, and an offer to answer any and all questions after the presentation.  I am asking that the questions be posted to How-To-Blog.TV and in order to download the PDF or watch the screencast, they will have to visit the site.  There are other rules I have to consider. One of the rules of engagement at a Small Business Development Center is to have a clear separation between volunteerism and the commercial aspects of our business at Orangecast.  How-To-Blog.TV meets that requirement as it is 100% free and is goaled at helping all aspiring bloggers.

The Collin SBDC and its constituency has been instrumental to Orangecast in the past three years.  The small business owners who attend our presentations and individual counseling sessions have challenged us and helped us to expand our horizons in Internet marketing.  As we launch How-To-Blog.TV, I hope that their participation will follow us into this new venture and lift our authoring and social media interaction to new levels.  If you are in the Dallas metroplex and are looking for guidance on funding and growing a small business, contact the Collin SBDC to set an appointment with one of their volunteers.

10 Internet Marketing Secrets’ Presentation

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Gee December 10, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Excellent presentation!!! Lots of good, useful and easy to apply information. Thanks.


Derick December 10, 2009 at 4:02 pm

Thank you. I must say that 50% of information came in response to the great questions and audience contribution! I’ll get the audio/screencast up after the weekend. Again, thank you.


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