Adding Images on WordPress

by Hannah Newlin on October 11, 2010

In this final post on the Fundamentals of Blogging, we are going to discuss how to o add images to a WordPress Post or Page.  Below is the step-by-step process to adding images in WordPress and if you scroll down to the end you can view the screencast.

Set the WordPress editor screen to visual.

Next put the cursor in the content box where you want your image to appear.

Click on the image upload button.

Press the select files button and then find the image file you want to upload on your computer.

The next step is to select the correct image for the post.

You may need to use a simple photo editor to decrease the size of the photo so that it can be used for the web. Reducing the image to approximately 600px x 600px. Once in the WordPress photo editor you can change the size further.  A rough guide for picture size is:

  • Small or Thumbnail: 150px
  • Medium: 300px
  • Large: 600px

My recommendation would be to use the 300px size and align it to the left.

Press “Insert into Post”

If you need to make changes to the image afterwards click on the image and then click on this button:

The following screen will allow you to change the size & alignment of the image.

Make the necessary changes and then preview the page.

Then press Save Draft, Update, or Publish depending on what stage you are at.

Adding images to your WordPress post or page can be a very straightforward process and having images of some sort on every post will help to increase readership.

As always follow copyright laws with the images you post and when borrowing or using a photo, give credit, where credit is due.

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