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by Hannah Newlin on October 4, 2010

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Creating a website is a straightforward process when WordPress serves as your content manager.  The WordPress Pages function makes the navigation bar creation easy.  Today we are going to discuss the difference between a post and a page and then give you a step by step guide on how to create a page.

What is the difference between a post and a page?  Simply stated generally WordPress pages show up in the navigation bar and in the footer of the website (although they can be excluded in some cases).  Posts show up as blog posts and in the RSS feed.

Pages Show Up Here =>

All of the specific directions are in text below, but first, here is a screencast walking you through the process:

Steps to Creating a Page on WordPress

  • Select the pages tab from the left menu bar.

  • This screen will allow you to edit pages that you have already published.

  • To add a new page, click on the “Add New” tab in the left hand menu or next to the “edit pages” title.

  • Your cursor will start off in the box for the title of the post.  What you type in this box will be what your tab name will be on the navigation bar.

  • Next, make sure that the content area is set to the visual editor.

  • Now in the content box you can copy over any text from a Word document or simply type the content in directly.
  • If you have added the SEO PlugIn “Platinum SEO” than you will want to fill in your SEO information.  See or WordPress SEO Plugin Post for more information. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the box labeled “Platinum SEO”. Fill in the title (80 characters) and the description (200 characters). The keywords will automatically pull from the tags, and if you don’t fill in the title or description they will auto-generate from post content.
  • In the attributes you can control where the page will show up and in what order.

  • When you have everything the way you want it you can “Publish” or press “Save Draft” if it is not ready yet.

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