Nick Ohrn – WordPress Plugin Developer

When we made the decision to develop WP-MalWatch, I know the toughest part would be finding the right developer.  I sit on the advisory board of a company that recently developed a really complex WordPress plugin.  I reached out to the CEO of a company and inquired about his experience developing a WordPress plugin.  Mid-sentence into the first question, he stopped me, smiled, and said, “I have the developer for you.”

Nick Ohrn is a freelance developer based in Seattle, WA.  As a developer, he is passionate about his trade.  He’s also very good at it.  As a service professional, he is organized and committed to sound project management techniques in order to meet his client’s requirements.  Nick delivered the first version of WP-MalWatch exceeding our expectations.  The code was well thought out and modularized in a way that gave us a clear path for future expansion.  He worked diligently during our testing phase finding and fixing bugs including the ones we couldn’t reproduce.  We will be expanding WP-MalWatch and Nick Ohrn will continue to be an integral part of the process.

If you are considering writing a WordPress plugin and are looking for a developer, I cannot speak highly enough of Nick’s work.  Don’t listen to me. . . .download WP-MalWatch and look at the code.  Spend some time on his website as well as he is more than just a WordPress plugin developer.

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