Google rolling out a new GMail feature that could be a godsend

by Jerod Morris on August 31, 2010

google gmail priority inbox

If you are a serious blogger, chances are good that you get lots of email. If you have a day job and a blog, then you probably get such a morass of email – from other bloggers, from social media sites you belong to, Google Alerts, link alerts, clients, friends, family, AHHHH! – that it can be difficult to impossible to keep up.

I admit that at least once I week I feel myself drowning beneath the crashing waves of an inbox ocean that often requires an hour or so of dedicated time to get under control.

Frankly, that sucks. Because most of that time is just spent sifting through emails and organizing them. Actually responding is another story. And there will always be those one or two emails that needed a prompt response but that you missed.

But have no fear, Google is getting set to roll out a new GMail feature that could greatly improve email management for everyone.

Here is the promo video for the new feature “Priority Inbox” that is being rolled out to GMail users this week. It is an extremely well done video and in two minutes will give you a good idea of why I’m so excited about this new feature:

Credit goes to the Reddit gang for alerting me to this. As you can tell from the comment thread, others are just as excited about this as I am.

From a blogger perspective, anything that makes me more efficient is a bonus because it means more time to blog. If I can save 10-15 minutes a day on email, that equates to one or two more blog posts a week. That’s all I need to realize to be excited about Priority Inbox.

I’ll be back with a report as soon as this is activated in my account and I can see how well it functions. I’m optimistic though because this is something right up Google’s alley: sorting information and figuring out what will be most relevant to me. And if it’s as good as it can be, it could also be a game changer in the omnipresent email wars.


Jerod Morris is the Director of Blogging and Social Media for Orangecast, a web marketing firm located in Dallas that specializes managing the online profiles of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Jerod is the managing editor for Corporate Compliance Insights as well as Midwest Sports Fans, where he hosts a podcast, has been a guest on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, makes regular radio appearances, and has hexes named after him.

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