Why WordPress? The WP Community Answers

by Matt Lawrence on December 15, 2009

I was in the back end of Dallas Sports Fans this morning and noticed this little nugget in the WordPress News Feed. Over at ma.tt, Matt Mullenweg’s Blog-Site there was a link to an article on Why WordPress? Naturally I decided to swim over and have a read of this article: Why WordPress? 21 of the WordPress Community Answer. The article is a collection of quotes from some of the WordPress Community developers on why the decided on WordPress. Here are a couple of my favorite answers, but for the rest read the article.

I began using WordPress after a short stint with Blogger – the ability to self host a website, with an incredible backend that was easy to use appealed to me the most. Coupled with a template system that was relatively easy to grasp and I knew I was in the right platform.
-Brian Gardner

Back at the very start? The thing that probably made me choose WordPress over Joomla or anything else was how user-friendly WordPress was. It was so easy to get started with it, anyone can do it!
-Michael Martin

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