Integration of Social Media in Corporate Campaigns – Part One

by Hannah Newlin on March 18, 2010

Earlier this week, Derick posted a blog discussing corporate blogging and its entrance into the business world. Throughout his discussion he referenced several ways that businesses have begun blogging. Along with corporate blogging campaigns come the inevitable presence of social media as well.

Recently, I ran across a report from Flowtown that reveals Fortune 100 companies and how they are leveraging social media. The graphic clearly revealed what Fortune 100 companies are doing, which although will differ from small companies, provides a good understanding of the presence of social media.  The report that was originally released by Burson-Martseller highlights social media platforms that include: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  We’ll be covering this subject in two-parts. During part one we’ll discuss Blogs/ RSS Feeds and Twitter.

To understand the usual integration of social media in corporate blogging campaigns, let’s first take a look at each of the main areas. I’ll first explain a bit of the purpose of each tool, the common use for corporations and then a statistic on Fortune 100 companies and their use.

Blogs and the RSS Feed

Every blog should have the option for a reader to subscribe via email or via RSS feed to blog updates.

Purpose: RSS feeds are used with RSS readers.  Basically, a person has a reader (such as NetNewsWire) that they will select when subscribing to an RSS feed for a particular blog. This will allow for the user to open up a  single reader that will automatically house all the blog updates from blogs the user has subscribed to.

Use: If people subscribe to your company blog’s RSS feed or email update, then you know that they are tracking your blog and that they have a desire to be a continual reader. That is good news.

How Fortune 100 companies are using Blogs:


Purpose: This a a great way to share links and important information with people that opt into your 140 character updates.

Use: This is used in two primary ways.  (1) The company will post a “Tweet” with a link to the new blog post each time the blog is updated.  Followers will see the new link and can choose to see what is going on.  (2)  A “Retweet” button is posted on the blog so that if a reader finds the topic interesting, they can simply click the button and retweet the blog link to all of their followers.

How Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter:

Integration of additional social media tools with your blog can expand your reach as it allows opportunities for your readers to share with those that are in their realm of influence.  Stay tuned for part two where we’ll discuss more ways to integrate social media into corporate campaigns.


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